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Corporate and Brand Identity

If you are interested in creating a corporate identity for yourself then you have come to the right place. At Fash Media, we have a dedicated team who can come up with solutions to create an on-line presence for your business. We offer this solution regardless of the size, nature, and track record of your business. Thus, if you have a small or big business you can always approach us to get a corporate branding done for your company. Even if you are starting a new company, you can avail our service at the most affordable rates.

As more and more companies are stressing on the importance of customer relationship management, their image, and brand awareness, it is imperative to set up both a logo design and corporate identity to promote the key values of your business. Do not miss one of the best opportunities to promote your brand name and become more accessible to your future customers. Your corporate identity starts from the creation of your business logo, which is the first important graphic that anyone notices. We have creative experts who can tackle all your needs for building a corporate identity.

Unique Corporate Identity If you want your on-line business to thrive then you cannot do so without getting a good corporate identity that gets you noticed. In the world of e-commerce, there is a lot of competition and you have to stand out in the crowd. How can you drive more targeted traffic to your website? The answer is by using our corporate ID creation service. This ID essentially touches upon different areas of your business and plays a crucial role in deciding your customer’s conception about your company.

To enhance your company’s corporate identity you need to have good web design, ads, and brochures, so that your customers can identify with the spirit of your company.

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If your business card is very catchy, the client is more likely to read the details printed on it. The colour, patterns, font, size and the logo can have a great impact on the person who looks at the card. A card with a great design creates a lot of interest and you can see the results when you gain the business deals that you always wanted.

Your business card should have all the essential information printed in such a manner that all the reader has to do is glance at it just once. At Fash Media, we have professionals who can carry out all these functions in the most effective manner. As they are experienced, they can also determine which business cards will best suit your business. You can decide the content of your card or leave it us. You can select the type of printing material, the size of the cards, the colour, and how the words will be spaced out.

Business Card Printing Often people tend to ignore the visual part of business cards. The visual can be anything that can draw the attention of clients. Thus, if you put your own picture on the business card, your clients will be able to recall who you are. To make your card unique you can have the image of a map on it to point out the location of your store. With the right business cards in hand, you can convert a one-time meeting with your client into a lifetime association.

Custom design your business cards with us and get an edge over the typical cards you see on a daily basis. Find out all that we can do for you by calling us now on 0800 756 6525.

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Our team of graphic designers at Fash Media can carry out any kind of work related to the creation of company logos or business logos. You only have to make your request and we will have the logos ready for you. If you are wondering about the quality of the graphic design and the artwork, then rest assured, as it is the best.

If you are seeking an appropriate logo design to attract the attention of customers or clients, then you can rely on our staff at Fash Media. Professional logo design denotes that the logo should not only be catchy but simple at the same time. If your company’s logo is a very complicated one then no one will be able to catch its meaning or figure out what it stands for.

As far as the costs are concerned, you do not need to be worried. This service is very affordable and will certainly be within your budget. With our special offers, you will realise that you will get more for less. What more could you ask for?

You cannot underestimate the importance of the logo design for your company. It is one of the significant factors for your company’s branding and corporate identity. So, what are you waiting for? Call us now on 0800 756 6525 for more information about our logo design service.

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Are you interested in promoting your business? Have you thought about using brochures and flyer’s for the purpose? As far as brand promotion and corporate identity are concerned, you cannot leave everything on your website. A well-arranged and designed website is undoubtedly essential for advertising your company, but you can make things better if you have the right brochures and flyer’s with you. At Fash Media, we offer a design service for flyer’s and brochures in addition to creating good websites.

Brochures Flyer’s Printing You can select the theme and then customise the text and the photos. On the brochures, we can summarise your services and products in an attractive and easy to read format so that the customers have some good reading material, which they can peruse when they are free. If they find the information and pictures on the brochures to be interesting then they may contact you. The flyer’s we design have the right headlines and the correct style to attract your customers.

Full colour brochures act as a perfect follow-up for various sales meetings, networking events, and even cold calls. You can create a greater impact if you mail advertising flyer’s and brochures to both existing as well as prospective clients. You can also do this if you want to illustrate your services and products even further and hence you should be able to drive sales.

Get in touch with us if you want to enjoy our service and experience a positive difference in your business.

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