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Website Design and Development

Website Designing

With hundreds of websites and years of experience under our belts we’re confident in delivering the best website design solution for our clients’ needs. The team will guide you through every step of the process and make sure we deliver the result you want, as you wanted, without making the process painful – you need do not need to have a clue about technology and we will still speak your language.

Web design is incomplete without certain things. We ensure that a successful website fulfils the following requirements:

  • If your company offers several services or products, the most significant one must be displayed prominently
  • The website should state and show in clear terms what your company can offer.
  • The navigation of the site should be very easy.
  • Points of sales should be simple, while the points of contact should be clearly visible.
  • Marginal or useless information should be away from the site.
  • The text should be very catchy and informative at the same time inviting to read.

Professional Website Design As the saying goes, the first impression is the last impression; you should remember that this also applies to your website. You will definitely be able to impress visitors if your website looks creative and professional in design.

If you want to learn more about this service and want your website to get noticed then remember that we are just a call away.
Customers can reach us on 0800 756 6525
or can request a
free on line quotation.

Website Programming

You must be aware that all modern and successful websites deal with something more than plain HTML. To make your website stand out, just good designing is not sufficient and it cannot take you to the desired goal. What you need is a very strong technical team who can make sure that your website functions in the correct manner and can meet up to the standards of the ever-changing and complex world of web. We are fully equipped to offer you the perfect website programming service for your business requirements, whether big or small.

At Fash Media, we comply with the programming needs of your website. Our excellent team comprises of dedicated programmers who have received complete training on the latest and most essential technical developments for the Internet. Fash Media has staff who are trained in all web-based programming languages like Cold Fusion, Java, Java Script, PHP, SQL, XML, XSLT, ASP, Visual Basic, and more.

Our programmers guarantee that your site is programmed professionally and efficiently for:

  • Your website to download as fast as possible
  • Compatibility and compliance with all mainstream browsers
  • Cascading Style Sheets of the most advanced type are applied for editing and compliance
  • SSL, Server Commerce, and Website security is accurately implemented
  • Advanced options like XML, VBscripts, WAP, Javascript, Flash, DHTML, etc. are implemented properly
  • Useful web analytics are framed and checked
  • Website is W3C compliant
  • Databases are implemented effectively to present the required information easily
  • Forms are both designed and programmed in a good format

We can uncompllicate website programming for you so that your website starts functioning in different ways. Once we offer you this service, your website can update pages, collect information, and do many more things.

We take care of every aspect of website programming. Contact us on 06525 or click here for free online quotation on Website Programming.

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